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Deeptex Mother India vol 50

Special Price ₹283.00 Regular Price ₹299.00
Special Price ₹283.00 Regular Price ₹299.00
You Save : 5%
Pieces : 27

Full Catalog : 8023.05 Including GST

Fabric : Cotton
Stitch Type: Unstitched

Description :

Saree – Cotton Printed (5.50 Mtr) | Blouse – Cotton Printed (0.80 Mtr)

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Saree – Cotton Printed (5.50 Mtr) | Blouse – Cotton Printed (0.80 Mtr)

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Saree – Cotton Printed (5.50 Mtr) | Blouse – Cotton Printed (0.80 Mtr)

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Product Status Ready for Dispatch
No of Pieces 27
Brand Deeptex Prints
Top Fabric Cotton
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